Saturday, July 31, 2010

German Photographs (cont. 2)

This continues my comments on photographs I was recently archiving from our West German stay in 1971-73. Traveling in Germany during the stay, a passing rain shower was clearing and I stopped to make a photograph of the sky "drawing water". The landscape was rather flat with farm fields surrounding and a village in the distance. The resulting photograph is simple but serene:

I made another photograph of the landscape with the village in the background and then noticed a biker approaching with his dog by his side. This reminded me of a photograph I had seen, probably in Beaumont Newhall's "History of Photography." Perhaps something like a "photo echo" as Aperture Magazine has published in the past. I looked for the photograph in my copy of Beaumont's book, and sure enough these is a photograph by Bill Brandt that triggered my recollection.

I found that the photograph with the village in the background and the biker could be combined into a larger field of view image showing the wider extent of the landscape (as below).

The following Bill Brandt photograph is the one that triggered my "photo echo."

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