Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sharon Arts Center selects my Shell proposal for their Share program!

Not having made any entries in my blog since the Guatemala trip in early February I thought it would be of some interest to post some photo news.

I submitted an entry into the Sharon Arts Center call for entry in their CSA program (http://www.sharonarts.org/call-to-artists-csa.html) and was honored to be chosen (http://www.sharonarts.org/exhibitions/csart-artists) as one of the contributing artists. I proposed to make a folio of five images of shell photographs, enclosed in a folio and with a title, statement, list of images, and colophon booklet. This will be a limited addition of 50 folios plus five arts proofs. The images will be selected from the portfolio of shell images on my web site (http://jackahearnphotography.com/shells.shtml).

The status so far is I have designed the folio and had it die cut at a local die cut company. It is waiting to be debossed with some decoration and my name. I have chosen the images and will post them in a couple of days (my desktop computer is currently down and I expect to be up and running again by the end of the week and will be able to get access to the image files at that time). I have also completed the test pages for the insert to go along with the images. Paper for printing these should arrive by Thursday so should be able to print these then if my computer is back and running. I have printed a set of 20 images so far, need 55 to complete the edition.

Shares for the CSA program can be purchased at the Sharon Arts Center website, http://www.sharonarts.org/exhibitions/buy-a-share-csart

Shell images and photos of the folio and text pages should be posted in the next week or so.

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