Friday, July 25, 2014

Conservation Center Photography Show

Preparations for my show at the Conservation Center in the Society for the Preservation of New Hampshire Forest are almost complete.  The show is scheduled to be installed on August 31 and will be open until the end of October, two months!  To complete the preparation I hope to put together a catalogue with a brief description of each photo.  The descriptions will be available at the show by scanning the QRE symbol with a smart phone, displaying a web page for that image.

To start the process I plan to describe the photos individually in my Blog and use that as the basis for the description in the catalogue and web page for that image.  The show has a goal of 40 images so I plan to post two a day and finish the process in mid-August.  This will also help in organizing the show and sequencing the images.

To start (in no particular order) are three images from Nova Scotia from 1997:

Boulders #1, Long Cove, Nova Scotia, 1997

Boulders #2, Long Cove, Nova Scotia

Boulders and Lighthouse, Long Cove, Nova Scotia, 1997
These three images were made at midday along the coast of Long Cove on the south shore of Nova Scotia in the summer of 1997.  I spent most of the day photographing the shore rocks, patterns on the rocks, and the waves.

The striking scenery of the folded and jumbled rocks and boulders on a largely vegetation free shore produced great enthusiasm in me as the rock patterns and shapes morphed into mental associations and a variety of emotions.  The viewers of theses images bring their own experience and background and will undoubtedly have their own unique experience.

The top two images were made with an old (ancient) Calumet monorail 4x5 view camera and grey scale film.  The lighthouse image was made with a Mamiya Flex 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 twin lens reflex camera and color film, rendered in grey scale.  All three images were printed with pigment ink on Hahnemülhe photo rag paper (308gsm weight).

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