Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Aspen" folio of BW images

I have put together a selection of  photographs in folio format from a workshop I attended at the Anderson Ranch in Snowmass Colorado in 2000 lead by John Sexton.  Time has slipped by, over 10 years already, but looking at the suite of images produced over the course of the two week workshop I thought it worthwhile to gather a small folio of those related to the aspen tree, the namesake of Aspen CO, near the location of the workshop.  The workshop experience was really expansive for my view of photography and as the workshop continued I found my photographic seeing became better, with better choice of subject, composition, and darkroom technique.  The ability to craft the image in the darkroom was a revelation.

The selection of eight photographs in the folio are a response to the spectacular natural environment and represent a development of vision during the workshop centered on the aspen.  I present these as individual images and as a group of images that resonate within the group and thus provide perhaps enhanced meaning because of this resonance.

I have submitted photographs made during the workshop to a variety of venues in the past with some success, being selected by the Maine Photographic Workshops in their yearly image contest the "Golden Light Awards" in 2001.  See Rock Wall, near the Grottoes Snowmass CO.

The Aspen folio is an edition of 25 with 5 artist proofs.  It contains signed cover page, a list of images, a statement of purpose, and a colophon.  See the Aspen Folio page for a presentation of the images and text pages