Monday, June 7, 2010

Recent trip to Kennebec river valley and Wild River Maine

We (Susan, Tucker and I) recently made a short (four day) trip to the Kennebec river valley in north central Maine with the view of making photographs of the north woods, waterfalls, ... The weather was a bit of a hindrance as it rained two of the days. I made color photographs of the hemlock trees and mist outside our cabin(see photograph) using my point and shoot camera, and B&W photographs with my 4x5 field camera(not yet developed). I turned the hemlocks into a long narrow panorama (top image).

On the return home we stopped in Gorham/Shelburn NH and I visited the Wild River in Maine to photograph. This is an area were I have photographed before (see and comparing these new photographs with the previous ones should be insightful. These photographs are not yet developed.

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