Monday, August 18, 2014

Conservation Center Photography Show -- Green Point Cliff, Newfoundland, 2004; Blue Hill Totem, Forest, Newfoundland, 2004

In June of 2004 I toured Newfoundland for about a month, making photographs along the way. Images were made in Port au Port Peninsula, Gros Morne National Park, the Great Northern Peninsula, the south shore near Harbour Breton, Bonavista Peninsula, and the Avalon Peninsula.  I have included a number of images from this trip in the Conservation Center Show.

In an outcropping near Green Point in the Great Northern Peninsula this wall of rocks was revealed by the erosion of the shore waters, after geologic uplifting, leaving a spectacular rock formation that was formed between the Cambrian (500-570 million years ago) and Ordovician (430-450 million years ago) geologic periods. The image contains a fantastic collection of vignettes, subject to the imagination of the viewer.

The image was made with Toyo 4x5 view camera and grey scale film. The image was printed with pigment ink on Hahnemülhe photo rag paper (308gsm weight). 18.5" x 14.6"

Green Point Cliff,  Newfoundland, 2004

We drove to the top of Blue Hill in Terra Nova National Park and had great views of the surrounding forests and lakes which I made some photos of.  This image was made of the forest next to the parking area.  The forests in Newfoundland are often dense and encrusted with lichen and this area was no different.  The image seems like a natural totem to me with the green man of the forest smiling at us.

The image was made with Toyo 4x5 view camera and grey scale film. The image was printed with pigment ink on Hahnemülhe photo rag paper (308gsm weight). 18.0" x 14.0"

Blue Hill Totem, Forest, Newfoundland, 2004

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