Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Conservation Center Photography Show -- Beaver Pond and Distant Trees, Beaver Brook, Hollis, New Hampshire, 2002

The New Hampshire landscape presents dense forests with embedded beaver ponds at almost every turn.  In mid summer the ponds are often full with water plants, water lilies and grasses and other plants that are by themselves striking.  I have made photographs from time to time in the Joe English Reservation in Amherst, Beaver Brook in Hollis, the Heald Track in Wilton, and in the Monson Center in Hollis.

This photograph was made at Beaver Brook at the height of the summer when the water lilies were filling the beaver pond.  The strong stand trees on the distant shore is a characteristic of the landscape and this case the "sea" of white lilies is striking with the added feature of the dark water and, in the near field, the tree stumps.

The image was made with a Toyo 4 x 5 Field Camera and printed with pigment ink on Hahnemülhe photo rag paper (308gsm weight).  Image size 20" x 15.6".

Beaver Pond and Distant Tree Line, Beaver Brook, Hollis New Hampshire, 2002

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